About Us

Since 1969 we were serving you as dental services field, after few years we started providing dental and medical services in very high level of quality for all patients.

GNP Journey more than 50 years of experience in dental and medical fields.

GNP History

The hospital established by “Dr. Ghassan Najeeb  Pharaon” in Jeddah as a dental clinic  more than 50 years ago for serving patients.

Now we have more than 12 branches around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Jeddah, Makkah, Ryiadh, Khamis Mushit, Baha, Jezan, Al-Baha and other.


Providing the service with highest level of quality for our patients and get their satisfaction as they need. A private institution providing quality health care services, known as the hospital of choice for professionals and customers.

Be a mover, model, center of reference and resource in service excellent client safety and customer’s satisfaction among health care institutions.


Being the best from our competitors in this field by qualified team in providing the appropriate service, attitude and guide.

To value those we serve guided by our commitment to excellent empowerment (giving authority to make decision) team work integrity (adherence to moral and ethical principles).


GNP hospital established strategic directional goals for the extension of hospital infrastructure to allow provision of patient care and services. With the commitment in providing unique quality medical services and to be the hospital of choice for professionals and consumers.


Upgrading the quality and safety of hospital services through accreditation. Development and investment in hospital staff through training and education.


GNP Hospital

Prince Sultan Street,
Al-Zahraa District,
Jeddah, KSA.


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We are available Saturday to Thursday – from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Emergency 24h.